IM 3000

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Welcome to Inventory Manager!

Built on a customized sophisticated technology that relies on a unique algorithm, Inventory Manager is a smart tool that helps you create, interface, share and manage inventory that is mobile. Network enabled and process-centric, our software package automates every inventory management process in organizations today. Inventory Manager has been built with the support of various types of organizations, institutions, educators and our internal ICT executives and trainers who have worked within institutions of various kinds. The software package is uniquely priced and licensed for profit motivated and non-profit institutions.

What you can do:

- Loans & Loanee Management:

Declare loanees, store their contact details, upload their pictures track their designations (appointments), upload and store documents specific for these loanees and provide credit ratings (based on track record).

- Disposition / Report Automation:

Create an item/loan/loanee/disposition/audit exercise/inventory/department/category/designation/loan request specific report. Generate single/collective or custom reports. Export reports to MSWord, Excel, PDF, XML, RTF and CSV formats

- Customizable Audit Exercises:

Schedule audit exercises with a click of a button, populate these exercises with existing inventory, disposed items (ones that are not sold yet) and even customize your entries with items. Create 1 or many exercises and easily manage them.

- Department / Location Management:

Create departments and locations, upload maps and location information. Easily store department-specific documents available to all users, easily manage location information. Specify locations, assign inventory to locations and track easily.

- Inventory Tracking & Management:

Create inventory, specify warranty, system will calculate value depreciation and expiry. Inventory locks ensure item is not loaned again until it is recalled. Inventory can be tracked by loanees, departments, end dates, item number and departments. Store images of the item, documents pertaining to the item and specify accessories that accompany the item. Easily loan multiple items to a single user with bulk loan or single loan per loanee. Dispose single items or dispose in bulk, either process is allowed with remarkable precision and extensive customizability.

RSS Integrated - be informed of the latest news from a source of your choosing immediately (or a select range of news sources)! Every user activity in the software is tracked and stored for security! Can be run on local or remote database (network). Training will be provided. Call your nearest Mediasoft Integration reseller!