Project Management

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General Information:

At Mediasoft Integration we just don't manage projects, we conduct professional research in management. Our track record encompasses publication to prominent archives such as the Social Science Research Network (SSRN) and other tier 1 journals, so you know you're in good hands.

When the term project management is mentioned, terms like PMI's PMBOK or the UK government's PRINCE2 become synonymous to any evaluator. Today's world, where certifications such as PMP become near-mandatory qualifiers for project managers, companies tend to forget the core issues at hand. We believe that primary issue to be strategic alignment. How to make your investment work for you. While having project-management certified internal staff and a project office helps, the nature of a project and the rigidities such a temporary, though frequent, engagement brings complexity. It has become common to have external specialists handle project engagements but that aligning complex systems is the key question.

Mediasoft Integration's project management expertise has ranged from public to the private sector. They have encompassed:

  • Financial product projects
  • Marketing projects (Media/Digital Media)
  • Educational Services
  • ICT Projects
  • Infrastructure Projects & Maintenance
  • Renewable Energy Policy Framework Projects

The Mediasoft Integration Project Framework:

Unlike other project managers, project managers at Mediasoft follow a distinct internal methodology for projects. The internal Mediasoft Integration General Methodology Framework or the MIGM is a Mediasoft Integration developed proprietary project management framework that focuses on extensive customization and methodology. The framework combines project deliverables as being method-oriented results rather than being end-products of project processes. Emphasis is put on the maturity as defined by qualifiers, if processes are expected to undergo some testing. This approach enables life-cycle management through established libraries such as ITIL or frameworks such as CMMI for acquisition and development. The MIGM allows for comparative cross-industrial project management that establishes a single-tier-method-oriented, out-of-the-box solution for project with us. We believe that as long it has a definitive schedule constraint, coupled with processes that collectively work within work groups for some collective goal/s, that may be singular or pluralistic, it may be methodologically managed for sustainablity. The MIGM framework allows for extensive customization because we believe that there are no silver bullets for any problem - but that does not mean you don't seek to measure such as problem!

In the past, the MIGM allowed for functional compatibility with Agile Methods, PMBOK, PRINCE2, ITIL and even CMMI where the existing libraries worked seamlessly with the Mediasoft Integration General Methodology Framework tools and personnel. Our project management service isn't about proliferation of a new method-oriented approach for project management, it is about defining the process perimeters constraints with defined limitations and ideologies in an integrated manner. Since our project managers are certified professionals holding at least Master's degrees in project management (or related) from reputed universities, Mediasoft Integration's project management service isn't just about delivering end-products, it is about making these end-products sustainable. We develop these solutions, study and document, created controls, test these controls and then hand it over to you.

We don't just deliver a deliverable, we make it work and, most importantly, make this working deliverable last.

We utilize the following frameworks (Scrum / Agile, Prince 2, PMBoK):