Systems Upgrades for Windows 10

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Mediasoft Integration Pte Ltd is currently pleased to announce that all current customers of its systems can apply for a free upgrade for compatibility with Windows 10. The upgrade is focussed on desktop apps (not Windows RT) and the concerned components that will enhance your application scale to include more current resources. Most upgrades will be undertaken by your Solutions Consultant. We are also accepting consultation requests for integration of Inventory Manager 3000 with current infrastructure on a case-to-case basis.

For upgrades, only supporting Windows 7 OS and above from customers who have subscribed to our solutions / infrastructure management programme are currently looked into. This upgrade also only covers proprietary systems to Mediasoft Integration and does not cover non-subscribed solutions programmes/products.

Please ask your concerned Solutions Consultant for more information.

- Mediasoft Integration PR Department (Released: 14/DEC/2015)

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