Mediasoft Integration is transitioning to Windows 8 in 5 Year Plan


Mediasoft Integration Pte Ltd is currently pleased to announce that it is upgrading its systems development and management resources to Windows 8. It has been decided by our organization that Microsoft's .NET platform and the recent Windows 8 platform was the ideal platform on which our organization and its customers could rely on for technological stability and reliability. Since the current industrial trend has moved towards handheld / mobile devices, the company believes that the trajectory of this development requires general strategization of investment in research and operational expenditure. Given the market penetration of Windows and Microsoft's indentification of this fact by Microsoft in its Windows product line, the company has formulated a new 5 year plan to transform its systems resources (that involve both people and other resources) to fully leverage this emerging platform for optimal business outcomes.

We intend to structurally transform our computing platforms in phases, that have been identified as:

Phase 1:

(i)   Transition to a Windows 8 platform on the Internet (transition into .NET framework)

(ii)  Product update (our proprietary systems) on the mobile platform

(iii) Scale operational resources to suit industrial trajectory

Phase 2:

(i)   Play a crucial role in customer-oriented profileration strategies

(ii)  Add measurable value to customer investments with Windows 8

(iii) Fully enable experience / value transfer to customers, as attained in phase 1 internally (assuming success of successful local implementation of strategy)

Phase 3:

(i)   Lead industry in the .NET platform in this part of the world

(ii)  Create sustainable business ecology that is generic and highly organic

(iii)  Attain maturity to identify future industrial trends and improve predictability of operational outcomes exponentially

The company hopes that in these phases, we would fulfill our current strategic targets. In fact, the first phase is already in motion with the update of our Inventory Manager package. We are also transitioning to a new .NET / Mobile platform on the Internet. Do await our next announcement highlighting this target attainment. Till the next announcement, Initiate - Innovate - Integrate.

- Mediasoft Integration PR Department (Released: 21/OCT/2013)